Parish Entry Point Giving

Parish entry point giving is a topic rarely discussed in Catholic churches. This week, take a few minutes to review your parish’s online gift portal. When someone makes a first-time gift online, is the “Amount of Gift” box empty, or is it automatically filled with an appropriate amount? Ideally, it should be filled with what […]

Count Your Blessings at the Parish

When’s the last time you took a moment to count your blessings at the parish? We’ve all heard it before: an “attitude of gratitude” can make all the difference in someone’s life. But how do you practice gratitude on a parish-wide level at your Catholic church? Earlier we shared how you can begin thanking volunteers […]

The Forming Intentional Disciples Forum

Sherry Weddel, director of the Catherine of Siena Institute, took the ministry world by storm with her revolutionary book, Forming Intentional Disciples. The book has sold over 150,000 copies since 2012. One of the best resources in the Forming Intentional Disciples model is its Facebook forum (which you must request to join). There you will […]

Celebrating Baptisms in a New Way

How is your parish celebrating baptisms? Outside of the sacrament itself, there are lots of ways to commemorate a new life claimed in Christ. Here are just a few thoughts: Start a program where each newly baptized infant receives a “Welcome to God’s family!” card one week after his or her baptism. Bonus points if […]

The 8:1 Communications Rule

Catholic Social Media’s research shows that nonprofits should be striving for a good communications-to-request ratio, otherwise known as the 8:1 communications rule. To put it another way, your parish should be sharing eight items of good news for every single item requesting assistance. Ignoring this rule of thumb risks making the church a “needy friend” […]