How is your parish celebrating baptisms? Outside of the sacrament itself, there are lots of ways to commemorate a new life claimed in Christ. Here are just a few thoughts:

  • Start a program where each newly baptized infant receives a “Welcome to God’s family!” card one week after his or her baptism. Bonus points if the card is made by another child in the parish.
  • Consider including a custom-made onesie with your parish name and a slogan like “Cradle Catholic” or “The Father’s Beloved Daughter”. You can design and print using online services like Custom Ink.
  • On the second or third anniversary of that child’s baptism, send out another card reminding that child of his or her baptism anniversary. This should include an invitation for “what comes next” at your parish. Maybe that’s pre-school, weekly Liturgy of the Word for Children, or your ECFL program.

These are all great ways to follow up on this incredible sacrament and draw the child and family closer into parish life. By interacting regularly with the Body of Christ, the family will become intentional disciples. Hopefully these suggestions will change the way you look at celebrating baptisms. (If you’re looking for some new ways to celebrate clergy anniversaries, see here.)

celebrating baptisms