Catholicism isn’t necessarily known for its rousing homilies (at least in this day and age), but we are blessed with numerous gifted preachers in our Church. One resource that highlights many of these deacons, priests, and bishops isĀ Great Catholic Preaching. The GCP team crowdsources audio and video recordings of some of the great preachers of our day, clergy who know how to call an audience deeper into life in Christ. Check out Great Catholic Preaching and you’ll certainly find some inspiration for your own life and parish ministry. It’s an excellent resource to help you understand what’s going on in Catholic preaching today.

Whether you are a layperson or member of the clergy yourself, you’ll find some of these homilies edifying, and you may even find a few you want to pass along to RCIA classes or parents in your Catholic school. And one of the best things aboutĀ  Great Catholic Preaching is that it isn’t attached to some publisher, for-profit organization, or any other sort of ministry. They are solely focused on good homilies, which is pretty refreshing! So check out Great Catholic Preaching today, and consider recommending it to people you know. It can be a particularly helpful resource to help overcome certain generational barriers to faith.