If you this past spring you were scrambling to move your ministries online for the foreseeable future, there are dozens of tools available. But one tool, in particular, is a godsend for the way you’re already communicating – Facebook Groups and ministry!

A Facebook Group is a bit like a page, but with more focus on community and less focus on facing outward to the public. In general, a parish wants to have both:

  • Use your Facebook page for engaging your entire parish community at once, as well as allowing your content and announcements to get shared with your followers’ friends and get out into the neighborhood using the power of Facebook’s algorithm.
  • Use Facebook groups to build camaraderie, teach, and minister to certain subsets of your parish – RCIA, first communicants and their parents, retirees, men’s groups, women’s groups, and so on. In a group, every member can post, link, and even livestream if they have the capability.

Groups are amazing ways to continue ministry and keep parish conversations going without having all of those conversations be open to all of Facebook. If you want to get started, check out this help article from Facebook. Then read this tutorial from Neil Patel about how to link your groups and page so your parish becomes an organic community online. Facebook Groups and ministry are a perfect combination.