It’s a website admin’s worst nightmare: old broken links that frustrate your site’s visitors, but that you don’t know about. Every day, people are making judgments about your parish community based on your website, and nothing will turn them off faster than the dreaded broken link. But there is hope! There’s an easy way to find broken links on your website.

Enter Broken Link Checker, a completely free service that doesn’t require a signup. Just visit the website, enter your parish’s website address, and let Broken Link Checker do its work. Five minutes later, you’ll have a solid list of every broken link on your entire site, and you’ll be able to hunt them down and fix them. This is incredibly important if you want to show up high in search engine rankings – most sites like Google rank your site based on the number of working v.s. broken links.

Once you’re done, just set yourself a calendar reminder to do this on a quarterly basis and keep your site running smoothly. It’s not hard – just find broken links on your website and you’ll be a step ahead of most other parishes across North America. (And if you’ve published your Mass times everywhere, you’ll be in the top 5%!)