Did you know the first email was sent 48 years ago? Every year we work with dozens of parishes that appear to be holding on to some of their original and, in many instances, outdated, unprofessional, though well-intentioned, email addresses. We see addresses like “admin42saintmark@aol.com” all the time. If this looks like something you’re still doing, it’s time to consider an update. It’s time to get professional email addresses for your church.

Luckily, Google offers itsĀ G Suite Basic plan to nonprofits for free. You just sign up, follow their tutorials, and link your church’s web address to the Google servers, and presto! Suddenly you are frontdesk@saintmarkomaha.org. You’ll get access to shared documents, the Gmail client (which includes the best search bar of all time), staff-to-staff chat services, shared calendars, and a lot more. (And people won’t need to verify the free email address you’ve been using!)

This is far and away the easiest way to bring your church’s communications one huge step into the modern world. You’ll be amazed at how many problems it solves, and your parishioners will thank you for having consistent, professional-looking email addresses for your whole staff! It’s time to get professional email addresses for your church – the benefits are going to be enormous.