Today I’m going to share some information about a great free tool out there that we use all the time in our office.  It’s called Distill and here’s how it works. It lets you get website alerts – whenever a particular website is changed in any meaningful way.

You plug in the address of a website you want to monitor, and then Distill will send you an email every time that particular website is updated. It’ll even highlight the changes for you so you can see what was added or deleted. Here are some ways you can use it:

  • Receive updates whenever the church down the street updates its website.
  • Get alerted when the diocese updates the website of the annual men’s or women’s conference site with dates for next year
  • Get alerted when another church or ministry updates its staff contact page
  • Follow a high-performing Catholic parish in another state and keep track of what they’re communicating and the events they are doing
  • Get alerted when the Christmas concert at the cathedral starts selling tickets online

By setting up a variety of Distill alerts, you can stay ahead of changes and news relevant to your parish and diocese. If you track website updates with Distill, you’ll soon be known around the parish office as the one who knows what’s happening before anyone else does. So check it out, get website alerts, and become the smartest cookie in town!