There are justĀ so many saints. Everyone has their patrons, their favorites, and the ones they don’t understand. There’s an easy way to systematically introduce parishioners to lesser-known saints or saints with a local connection. Choose four or five who you think are particularly special, order a few hundred prayer cards of each, and mix them all up in a huge box. Then place this box outside of the sanctuary for a week with a huge sign that says, “Adopt a saint!” Encourage people to randomly pull out a prayer card and get to know that saint over the course of the next few months by learning about them and asking for their intercession. It’s all the fun of a raffle drawing with a powerful spiritual component. It’s pretty simple – just introduce parishioners to the saints, and watch your parish change for the better.

You can expand this simple initiative by asking your pastor to preach on these particular saints, hosting “Get to Know the Saints” nights, and so on. Every few months, feature new saints and encourage people to adopt another saint. In this way, you can slowly and steadily expand each parishioner’s circle of intercessors – one prayer card at a time. Introduce parishioners to the saints!