Facebook Live is a powerful tool that parishes and schools can use to share live video from events, ceremonies, and speakers. One major benefit to using Facebook Live is that Facebook will track which people watch your event, and then make sure those people see your content at the top of their feed in the days and weeks after the event. So, every time you’re broadcasting something live, you’re also boosting the visibility of your other posts including event invitations, announcements and volunteer requests. But there are lots of other benefits of Facebook Live as well!

This week, take a look at your parish calendar and pick an event or two that could be broadcast live. All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection and the Facebook app. Click on “create a post” on your parish Facebook page, then choose “go live” and you’re all set!

For your first Facebook Live broadcast, you don’t really need to worry about perfection… just have a steady hand. Later, you can upgrade to a better microphone, stabilization mount, and so on. What’s important is that you do it and get comfortable with it. Then you can enjoy the other benefits of Facebook Live – increased engagement and interest in your parish being first among them! And note that this will give you lots of content to post later on your parish’s YouTube channel.