Earlier this month I mentioned that 95% of your website visitors are just looking for Mass times. The same is true for people who search for your church on Facebook. Are you publishing Mass times on Facebook? The best place to display Mass times on Facebook is in your page’s “About” section, under your “Story”:

publishing mass times on facebook

This is the only portion of your About section where you can format text freely, choose the font you want, and add a photo – all of which will help you draw attention to your Mass schedule. (This is particularly important because a lot of the Mass times aggregators are out of date and might be displaying incorrect Mass times at your parish!)
Take a moment today and update this section of your Facebook page so that visitors can find the information they’re looking for. Publishing Mass times on Facebook can remove another barrier to entry when it comes to church attendance. Every step we can take to help people encounter Jesus in the Eucharist is one worth taking. And last thing – remember to update Mass times on Facebook too, especially in light of seasonal changes, Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. Out of date information can cause people to have the worst possible Catholic parish experience – showing up only to see the doors locked, the lights off, and no Mass being celebrated!