St. Simon Sylites is one of the strangest saints we have. He lived on top of a pillar in the middle of a city for decades so he could be “in the world, but not of the world.” He basically had it all – all the joys of city life, but at a bit of a distance!  We are called to live similar lives – to be deeply involved in the world but to not let the world beat us down. One good way to do this is by placing limits around how much time we are “plugged in” to computers, phones, tablets, etc. Put limits on screen time and you’ll find yourself happier for it.

Luckily, there are dozens of ways to set limits on your screen time so you can maintain your inner peace and find time for prayer as a parish staffer. For your web browser, check out ZenScreen, which will shut off your computer’s web browser within certain time limits. For your phone, check out OffTime. In a few weeks, you’ll be as serene as St. Simon, rising above all the digital noise. Put limits on screen time! (And keep in mind that these sorts of resources are a great set of ways to equip parents to equip their children to live as thoughtful people in this ever-present digital world!)