We are living in a time where community bonds are growing weaker, with churches and membership-based organizations losing members at an alarming rate. But Christ has called us to be a Church, a visible community of faith that reaches your neighborhood and across the world. The answer? Commit to creating a radical community at your parish. This is how Christianity spread in the ancient world – See how they love one another!

Ascension Press has launched a new two-video series called Radical Communities, designed to be viewed in small groups in a home or parish setting. Evangelist Michael Gormley teaches participants about the “dangers of walking alone” and then provides tips and discussion questions to help your parishioners build a strong intentional community that can draw others to life in Jesus Christ’s Church. In this day and age, the only thing that can stand against the onslaught of crass modern culture is a band of individuals, united in radical community at your parish. (And keep in mind that one of the best ways this radical community can grow is through the power of personal testimony.)

You can get the first video for free here, preview it, and then decide if you’d like to move forward with this as a parish community: https://ascensionpress.com/collections/radical-communities