On the Feast of the Epiphany, 2001, Pope Saint John Paul II published “Novo Millenio Ineunte,” or “At the Dawn of the New Millenium,” his strategy for the Church in 2001 and beyond. (See here for the full text.) As cultural Catholicism is fading away, the Church in North America is returning to a missionary strategy, focused on proper evangelization followed by catechesis. Every few years, your parish staff should return to the well and be refreshed, and this encyclical is the perfect way to do just that. Revisit Novo Millennio Ineunte and you’ll find yourself drinking deeply from it. (And for how to live it out in parish life? It’s time to listen to Every Knee Shall Bow.)

Take a look at your calendar and see if you can set aside either a day of reflection on this document or a weekly lunchtime meeting that is just focused on reading this document thoughtfully and prayerfully and asking, “How can our parish exemplify this way of life?” By casting out into deep waters and lowering your nets, you are sure to catch many souls and draw them up into Peter’s boat. Check out Novo Millennio Ineunte this month and be refreshed!