Facebook is always adding new types of posts that can help you increase your reach and engagement. One type that you may have not used before is the slideshow. Simply upload a few photos, choose your transition type, pick the royalty-free music you like, and you’re ready to go! Creating slide shows on Facebook is a great way to drive engagement. Just make sure you’ve got a great set of photos from your parish, religious education classes, gradeschool, and so on. Grab those pictures that really show off the joy and faith of your community.

First, click on the ‘create a post’ button, and then choose ‘create slideshow’:

Next, upload your photos and choose your transition and music options:

You can make all kinds of changes as you go, preview the results on mobile and desktop, and make sure everything is perfect before you publish. And even if you publish and find a mistake later, you can edit the slideshow in real-time and fix those issues as you go. So check it out – just 10 minutes and a short number of clicks, and you’re creating slide shows on Facebook – a new tool in your toolbelt in the midst of the new digital evangelization.