A Future Without Bulletins?

The Sunday bulletin has been a staple of Catholic life in North America for more than 75 years. But as almost all areas of life become digital, a paper bulletin may soon become a thing of the past (and maybe you’re already moving toward digital fundraising letters). Can we imagine a future without bulletins? What […]

The Value of an Email Address

When our team conducted a national research project focused on giving trends in Catholic parishes, we asked parishes how many registered households had an email address on file with the parish. Churches that had emails for 70% or more of their households reported average household giving that was 21% higher than churches that had emails […]

Count Your Blessings at the Parish

When’s the last time you took a moment to count your blessings at the parish? We’ve all heard it before: an “attitude of gratitude” can make all the difference in someone’s life. But how do you practice gratitude on a parish-wide level at your Catholic church? Earlier we shared how you can begin thanking volunteers […]

Beginning with Facebook Insights for your Catholic Parish

If you’re administering your Catholic parish Facebook page, spend a little time each week using Insights. Just log into Facebook, click on your page, and then use the “Insights” link at the top: Then, using the navigation bar to the left, click on “Posts.” Once you’re in there, take a look at your most popular […]