Gather Digital Prayer Requests

There is an entire universe of priests who are active on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. In addition to their own local duties, they minister to people online, evangelizing, catechizing, and counseling the laity on these platforms. In the last few years, one of the most edifying and powerful things some of them […]

Publish Your Mass Times Everywhere

What are 95% of the visitors to your parish website looking for? Mass times. That’s it. This was brought home to our staff this week when we spotted this Tweet by Catholic evangelist Meg Hunter-Kilmer (see below). The long and short of it? Publish your Mass times everywhere! Stop what you’re doing and open your […]

Offertory and Online Giving

Our team is always looking at ways to make giving to the local parish more convenient. For most people, that means making a sustaining monthly gift online. But these online givers still need to be included in the weekly offertory, since everyone is giving their first fruits at that time. Here are a few ways […]