The General Social Survey and Religion

Do you know about the “General Social Survey” and religion? In the April edition of¬†First Things, Mark L. Movsesian writes that the rise of the “nones,” also known as “spiritual but not religious,” in America isn’t quite the disaster for Catholicism that we once thought. In fact, the number of those who consider themselves to […]

Using Listicles to Communicate

One of the most popular types of writing to come out of the Internet age is the¬†listicle, which is a numbered list with enough content to qualify as an article. These range from high-quality top 25 lists to low-quality articles like “seven child actors – you won’t believe what they look like now!” Have you […]

Taking Prayer Requests Online

Maybe you take prayer requests at your Catholic parish, but have you ever considered taking prayer requests online? In our work with we promote clean, simple online giving forms. Today, consider adding just one more field to your giving page – a prayer request form. By asking a donor to share his or her prayer […]

Every Knee Shall Bow

We are all called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. However, we are often at a loss as to how we can do that well. Enter Every Knee Shall Bow (EKSB), a new podcast from Ascension Press. Every Knee Shall Bow is hosted by two amazing lay evangelists, Michael Gormley, also known as […]

Achieve Inbox Zero Easily

You can achieve inbox zero easily – a mythical state when you have NO emails in your inbox. Email is a blessing and a curse. It allows instant communication with anyone in your parish, but at the same time, it’s not easy to open your inbox and see three-week-old messages that still require your attention. […]