The Creaster Opportunity

Christmas represents an incredible opportunity to minister to “Creasters,” those nominal Catholics that only attend Mass during Christmas and Easter. But there is no “one size fits all” ministry answer to how to approach Creasters. Instead, a multi-faceted approach will ensure that you cast the widest net possible. Let’s call this the Creaster opportunity. Here […]

Publishing Parish Reports

A few weeks ago, this parish report, delivered via YouTube from a pastor in Oklahoma, caught our team’s attention. It’s a textbook case of what publishing parish reports should be: It opens with an attitude of prayer: Father’s reading of one of Paul’s letters, followed by a brief reflection, sets the tone for the rest of the […]

A Return to Normalcy?

Is a return to normalcy coming soon? Even while social distancing continues around the world, it’s time to begin thinking about the first normal day back at the parish, perhaps once a vaccine is available. No doubt the first Sunday Mass will be a poignant celebration for everyone. You want to acknowledge the hardships everyone […]

Bonfires, Community, and Confession

I love fall – the foliage, football, and (bon)fires. By the first of October, I hope that I’ve already sat around multiple bonfires, stuffed myself and my kids with s’mores and successfully picked all the hay out of my family’s clothes before we head home from another fun-filled parish fall festival. Staring into the flames […]