We have all found ourselves frustrated at some point about a web page not loading as fast as we would like. In our world speed matters. Your parishioners shouldn’t have to wait to find the information they are seeking on your website. There’s a great need for speed! And most parish websites don’t load fast enough.

Pingdom is a tool that will allow you to test the speed of your website. It also provides feedback on how to improve your site’s load time. You simply type in your web address and hit “start test.” In a matter of seconds, you will receive feedback and a letter grade on how your website performed.

The most helpful information that Pingdom provides is a report on the various processes that are slowing down your parish’s website. The person in charge of your site can use this info to optimize your performance and increase the speed at which it loads. The following is a sample of feedback provided.

Take advantage of this free test by visiting tools.pingdom.com. Your parishioners thank you in advance for saving them precious seconds. The need for speed is real, and you can respond! (And while you’re at it, time to fix your broken links.)