Months into the coronavirus pandemic, it’s clear how much damage has been done across the globe. The consequences are physical, emotional, spiritual, and economic. In light of all of this, many people are wondering: what organizations are worthy of financial support? And since the exercise of charity – including financial support – is a hallmark of our faith, the parish can help people in making those decisions. Who and how we support are two questions of utmost importance.

This week, take a moment to answer a few questions:

  • If people want to help spread the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith in your local area, what organization should they support?
  • If people want to help those in need in your neighborhood, what group does this best?
  • What local organizations do the best job of tending to the whole person, acknowledging their physical and spiritual needs?

It’s good for your clergy and staff to have these sorts of organizations in mind. Because while your parish is the enfleshed Body of Christ in a particular area, it cannot meet every single need. However, you can order and direct the charity of your parishioners to where it will do the most good. Answer that question – who and how we support – and watch your parishioners become ever more generous.

One tool that can play a partial role in your list of recommended charities – Charity Navigator.