We are all guilty of visiting YouTube to check out a video a friend said we simply “had to see.” Perhaps you watched a music video from your childhood, viewed the newest movie trailer, or got your fix of adorable cat videos. But YouTube is more than cat videos. It is an amazing place to take in great, free, Catholic content. Several Catholic clergymen and religious are YouTube celebrities.

As you think about ways to generate thoughtful Catholic conversation around the dining room table, don’t forget YouTube. These are a few channels we recommend (though always be sure to preview individual videos before sharing with parishioners):

For parishioners who want great Catholic content on the go, it’s better to check out podcasts than YouTube videos. But you can also rip YouTube videos to mp3 using free tools.

YouTube is more than cat videos – it’s part of the new digital townsquare, where evangelization and catechesis can happen if you know where to look! Use it for good and you’ll be truly salt and light in our online culture.